Three sisters launch Lakdawala, a sustainable luxury jewelry brand committed to Fairmined gold

Posted by Rizalyn Vargas on

Sisters and founders Naazneen Fakhri, Sana and Shabana Lakdawala have launched Lakdawala, an e-commerce jewelry brand committed to Fairmined gold, as well as their first collection of fine jewelry. Lakdawala’s fine jewelry line consists of 14K yellow gold and rose gold pieces, which are all handcrafted and finished with careful detail in the U.S.

Most sustainable jewelry brands use recycled gold. Lakdawala, however, uses Fairmined gold as a standard. 

This holiday season, shoppers can give or receive jewelry from The Minimalist Collection. Elegant and eco-friendly jewelry makes for a meaningful gift!

  • Earrings, including “The Golden Disc Studs” ($149), “Raise The Bar Earring Accessory” ($249) or “Marquisite Midi Hoops” ($550)
  • Rings, including “The Golden Chain Ring” ($229), “Bijou Ring” ($279) or “The Quintessential Ring” ($495)

Lakdawala takes on a slow fashion philosophy; their packaging is plastic free. 

  • Mailers are compostable within six months because of its bio-based polymer and plant-based materials.
  • Jewelry pieces come inside an Indian-inspired potli pouch, handmade by women artisans in rural India, who also earn a fair wage for their labor. The outer fabric is made of 100% organic cotton.
  • Thank you cards are written on seed paper, which can be planted and grown into wildflowers.

“We are connecting with individuals who are intentional about sustainability and design and incorporating them into our brand,” said Shabana Lakdawala. 

“Even through the complexity of building a brand and business, Lakdawala to me is a breath of fresh air. It’s a platform to visualize, create, inspire and be inspired,” said Sana Lakdawala and the youngest of the sisters.

“Lakdawala is all about self-expression, connection and sharing our story. It’s also about creating meaningful relationships with the people and places bringing our beautiful and sustainable jewelry to life,” said Naazneen Fakhri and the oldest of the sisters. 

The co-founders are of South Asian Indian American descent. With Lakdawala, customers experience how sustainability and luxury can co-exist. 

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