About Lakdawala

Lakdawala [Luck-da-wah-la] is our collective desire to create. We're on a mission to bring a higher standard to the fine jewelry industry through Fairmined gold. As a brand, we value transparency. Our philosophy is simple: sustainability and luxury can coexist. Our handcrafted 14K jewelry is made with time so it can last a lifetime. We're here to give you your daily dose of gold. 

Meet the Co-Founders

For me jewelry represents beautiful moments and celebrations. Through Lakdawala, I spread the happiness of jewelry every day. I find joy in being around those I love and finding positivity in any situation. My parents instilled the value of family in me and showed me how we are stronger united. Building Lakdawala with my sisters is my purpose. I am grateful for my uplifting husband Amir and my two loving children. A healthy mind, body and soul fuel me, impacting other lives fulfills me.

 - Naazneen Fakhri

Give me chai and I'm ready to go. A strong believer there is always room for dessert. Houston is my home and the most Texan thing about me is saying 'y'all' whenever possible. I'm a proud American deeply connected to my Indian roots. Channeling my inner creativity through Lakdawala is liberating. Seeing each design come to life is pure magic. Jewelry is very personal and I'm so excited to bring sustainable luxury to the fine jewelry industry.

 - Sana Lakdawala

Most days, you can find me nestled on my couch, warm tea in hand, as I research away on my laptop. I thrive on introspection, spirituality, and seeking my greater purpose. Embracing my dad for the last time, meeting my husband, and bringing home our cat Kaya are part of my most defining moments. Gold jewelry is a large part of our culture, and I've loved seeing my mom's heirloom pieces growing up. At Lakdawala, I'm creating jewelry that is not only aesthetically beautiful, but also made beautifully. Lakdawala is my avenue to create while focusing on social and environmental activism. Building Lakdawala with my sisters is now part of my defining moments.

- Shabana Lakdawala

Behind the Design

Every design springs from an aha moment. Inspiration is the creative momentum keeping us on our toes. We draw inspiration from day-to-day life, and at times it finds us. Our design process begins with an in-house sketch. The comfort, integrity and aesthetic of each piece is as important as its make. The sheer beauty of gold is celebrated in each design.

Fine Jewelry Deserves Fine Craftsmanship

Each piece is proudly made in New York. Our artisan partners have years of unparalleled manufacturing experience, with a strong focus on sustainability. They are authorized Fairmined suppliers who support responsible artisanal mining. A blend of old world techniques, like lost wax casting and hand finishing, to modern day CADs, meticulously bring each piece to life. 

Fair Pricing

Our goal is to share the gift of gold with everyone. A large factor in our pricing is our dedication to using Fairmined gold, which has an additional premium of $4 per gram compared to conventionally mined gold. We are intentional about investing in this golden standard. Your purchase enables us to support everyone in the supply chain, including miners and their local communities. No matter when you shop with us, rest assured you are receiving the best price. We don't markdown our prices, because we start with a fair markup.