Our Gold Standard

Our 14K

The 14K gold in our designs is Fairmined. To find out more about Fairmined please visit our Fairmined Standard page. The gold purity in our 14K gold is 58.5%. It is made from 14 parts gold and 10 parts alloy, attributing to its durability and making it a great option for everyday wear - yay! Our metal options consist of 14K yellow and rose gold because of their striking tones.


Our stones are responsibly sourced Fair Trade Gems with mine-to-market supply chain traceability. Each semi-precious stone is of the highest quality and has eye-clean clarity.


These essentially colorless stones are part of the beryl mineral family however, the presence of magnesium gives it its pink or peach hues. This beautiful gem carries the vibration of love.

Teal Tourmaline

Tourmalines have one of the widest ranges of hues of any gem species. These gems are said to bring harmony, balance, and positive energy.


Keep your gems away from water, chemicals and fragrances to maintain their brilliance on a day to day basis. Happy gems like to shine and these elements can make them cloudy.

On the other hand, your 14K gold pieces are designed to be worn everyday, fearlessly. Just be sure to give them a little care from time-to-time. To do so, simply mix gentle, non-toxic soap in lukewarm water. Allow your pieces to soak in for 15 minutes. Use a soft bristled toothbrush to gently scrub the piece. By the way, your gemstone pieces can be cleaned the same way. Lay them down on a soft polishing cloth to air dry and voila, shine on!